Price list

ul.Kurkowa 14ul.Borowska 16

Washing machine 6,5kg: 19PLN
Washing machine 8kg: 21PLN
Washing machine 14kg: 32PLN
Washing machine 7kg: 22PLN
Washing machine 9kg: 25PLN
Washing machine 15kg: 36PLN
Washing machine 20kg: 49PLN
Powder + softener per wash: PLN 5Washing agents dosed automatically to washing machines - FREE!
in 10 kg dryers:
in 15 kg dryers:
10mins: 4PLN
20mins: 8PLN
30mins: 12PLN
40mins: 16PLN
50mins: 20PLN
15mins: 10PLN
30mins: 20PLN
45mins: 30PLN

Payment by cash (coins 1zł-5zł, greenback 10zł-100zł) and card (non pin card, visa, mastercard).


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