Open 7 days per week hours 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Our new store Speed Queen at Borowska 16 street is already open!

Speed Queen offers professional water washing in washing machines with a capacity of 6,5kg – 20 kg as well as drying in modern ecological dryers.

It is faster and much cheaper than in the dry cleaners to wash and dry everyday clothes, jackets, blankets, bedspreads, duvets and other large-size laundry, which you will not fit in a normal domestic washing machine!

ul.Kurkowa 14ul.Borowska 16

Washing machine 6,5kg: 19PLN
Washing machine 8kg: 21PLN
Washing machine 14kg: 32PLN
Washing machine 7kg: 22PLN
Washing machine 9kg: 25PLN
Washing machine 15kg: 36PLN
Washing machine 20kg: 49PLN
Powder + softener per wash: PLN 5Washing agents dosed automatically to washing machines - FREE!
in 10 kg dryers:
in 15 kg dryers:
10mins: 4PLN
20mins: 8PLN
30mins: 12PLN
40mins: 16PLN
50mins: 20PLN
15mins: 10PLN
30mins: 20PLN
45mins: 30PLN

Payment by cash (coins 1 zł -5zł, greenback 10zł-100zł) and card (non pin card).

The payment system spends the rest only in coins.

WARNING! In the laundry, it is strictly forbidden to wash and dry animal clothing, animal beds and fabrics with animal hair, mops, footwear, work clothing soiled in lubricants, objects with metal, sharp elements that can damage the device, i.e. backpacks with frames, screws, etc.

Do You Appreciate Time and Convenience?

In about 1.5 hours your clothes will be clean, dry and fragrant at the same time you relax in a comfortable, modern interior with FREE WI-FI , where you will always find morning newspapers, read a book, rest in a relaxed atmosphere.

Laundry with us is a pure pleasure!

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In the laundry is a ban on drinking and smoking.